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We provide the highest technologic resources.

Our results are excellent, and we achieve them thanks to the investment we make in industrial innovation.

Our industry is based on plate machining and we offer solutions for:

Industrial design, Manufacturing, Assembly
and Digital printing/ laser/ serigraphy

In our facilities we get all the latest in industrial machinery, we invest in the most innovative technological advances so you can obtain a unique quality product.


Punching laser
CNC milling

Welding and Polishing

The mathematical precision.

We have CNC punching machines with an indexed tool system, a wide variety of punches and dies to meet any need you may have. In addition to: Laser cutting and folding machines up to 2.5 meters.

We carry out all kinds of operations: inserting, threading, countersinking, bolting…

MIG welding
TIG welding
Spot welding

Metal machining

We apply the type of welding your product needs, to be excellent.

Each product and material needs a specific type of welding. That is why at Industrias Aribell we work with MIG, TIG and spot welding machines, made of iron, stainless steel and aluminum.

Zinc plated
Liquid paints
Epoxy paints

Surface finishes

The top quality finish.

After their manufacture, most products require a process of protection and application of color.

That is why we work with: Anodized, Passivated, Liquid paints and Epoxy paints

Your product will obtain a detailed finish, of excellent quality and without any defects.

UV digital printing

We work with all kinds of materials and we do it well.

Rigid, flexible, sheets … It does not matter the density, texture, mass or type of material we handle.

We have one of the most versatile UV ink printing tables on the market so that the material is not damaged and it is handled with the proper care.

We minimize risks, we maximize effectiveness.

We put our expert team at your disposal to develop a design based on:
Your idea
An outline
A sample or example


If you need a serigraphic printing service, bet on the winning horse.

Or simply provide the file with the final design and we will start the production process ASAP.

Our experience is at your service so your product increases its value.

“Our human team and our machinery
build your expectations”.